Cutting Compounds

  • N Cut
    N-Cut’s new low-dust formula utilises 2 added abrasives that make it faster, cleaner and more efficient.
    Designed and tested for use on all paint types including automotive, marine and indu...
    NZ$ 128.52
    NZ$ 78.22
    NZ$ 89.96 incl GST
  • Super C Cutting Compound 1litre
    Super C Cutting Compound uses advances in abrasive technology to increase speed and quality of paint finish for all automotive, industrial and marine applications.

    Its water based formula makes it ...
    NZ$ 91.97
    NZ$ 64.38
    NZ$ 74.03 incl GST
  • Swirl Remover 1litre
    Black swirl remover is designed to remove swirls from both fresh and cured paint surfaces. Black swirl remover leaves a deep high gloss wet look finish without the use of fillers, waxes or silicones.
    NZ$ 85.94
    NZ$ 60.15
    NZ$ 69.17 incl GST
  • Q Cut Compound 1litre
    Q-cut compounds water based formula makes it the perfect compound for all industrial and marine applications. Q-cut is easy to use and easy to remove, significantly reducing buffing time.Q-cut removes...
    NZ$ 85.94
    NZ$ 60.15
    NZ$ 69.17 incl GST