• Clay Skin
    Advances in polymer technology means juice Clay Skin Pads are up to 4 times faster than regular overspray clay.

    Juice clay skin pads can either be used by hand or with a random Orbital polisher. Ju...
    NZ$ 19.40
    NZ$ 22.31 incl GST
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  • Juice Rocket Launch Pad
    The Juice Rocket Launch compounding pad is uniquely balanced and designed to eliminate swirl by helping the operator to finish with the buff pad in the optimum level position. This is achieved by alig...
    NZ$ 9.93
    NZ$ 11.42 incl GST
  • Extra Fluffy Yellow Microfiber towel
    Yellow deep pile microfiber towel allows for continued use over extended periods without the risk of harmful surface contamination.
    NZ$ 5.98
    NZ$ 6.88 incl GST
  • White Dual Microfiber towel
    A white dual sided cloth for easy removal of polishing compound and the application of wax.
    NZ$ 4.31
    NZ$ 4.95 incl GST
  • Yellow Hand Applicator
    High quality foam applicator pads used for applying Juice compounds, polishes and waxes.
    Pad size: 100mm

    Packet of 20
    NZ$ 13.77
    NZ$ 15.84 incl GST
    The new Zentool ZEN-21E2 Dual Action Polisher represents one of the latest advancements in machine polishing technology. With an orbit (throw) of 21mm, the dual action polisher has evolved to become a...
    NZ$ 413.04
    NZ$ 474.99 incl GST
  • Universal Pad Washer
    The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer conditions, cleans & dries any type of buffer or polisher pad. By cleaning your old pad, you increase buffing effectiveness, ease of use, eliminate contaminants, pr...
    NZ$ 138.61
    NZ$ 159.40 incl GST
  • Double Sided [sponge] Pad Green
    NZ$ 31.30
    NZ$ 36.00 incl GST
  • CAM Ultimate Drying Towel
    The new CAM Ultimate Drying Towel is a luxurious microfiber towel for removing polishes, waxes, or excess water leaving a perfect finish on all glass & paint surfaces.

    NZ$ 10.82
    NZ$ 12.44 incl GST
  • NZ$ 50.63
    NZ$ 31.60
    NZ$ 36.34 incl GST
  • Mini Polisher Back up Pad 75mm
    NZ$ 4.36
    NZ$ 5.01 incl GST