The Juice People

The people behind Juice Polishes have been involved in the Automotive and panel repair industry in Australia and on the world market since the late 1970’s.

With a strong desire to continue to advance quality and technology well into the future, a collaboration in late 2006 between some of the leading tradesmen and women in the world saw the birth of Juice Polishes.

Over the next several years working with the best chemists from USA, UK and Europe and thousands of hours of development and testing we were ready for the trial stage. Nearly 100 of Australia’s best panel shops were chosen to evaluate and test the quality and performance of the products and after nearly 2 years in some instances of testing we were ready for the market place.

Juice was officially launched to the Australian market in May 2009 at the Sydney AAAA trade show with amazing success. With a strong drive and a desire for perfection in development and product quality Juice will be a market leader well into the future!