• Double Sided Wool Pad White
    NZ$ 59.54
    NZ$ 26.85
    NZ$ 30.88 incl GST
  • Double Sided [sponge] Pad Green
    NZ$ 59.54
    NZ$ 30.01
    NZ$ 34.51 incl GST
  • Double Sided [sponge] Pad White
    NZ$ 59.54
    NZ$ 37.34
    NZ$ 42.94 incl GST
  • Universal Pad Washer
    The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer conditions, cleans & dries any type of buffer or polisher pad. By cleaning your old pad, you increase buffing effectiveness, ease of use, eliminate contaminants, pr...
    NZ$ 271.68
    NZ$ 133.28
    NZ$ 153.27 incl GST
  • CAM Ultimate Drying Towel
    The new CAM Ultimate Drying Towel is a luxurious microfiber towel for removing polishes, waxes, or excess water leaving a perfect finish on all glass & paint surfaces.

    NZ$ 11.96
    NZ$ 10.40
    NZ$ 11.96 incl GST
  • NZ$ 50.63
    NZ$ 31.60
    NZ$ 36.34 incl GST
  • Q Cut Compound 4litre
    Q-cut compounds water based formula makes it the perfect compound for all industrial and marine applications. Q-cut is easy to use and easy to remove, significantly reducing buffing time.Q-cut removes...
    NZ$ 300.21
    NZ$ 147.26
    NZ$ 169.35 incl GST

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